Up-and-coming fashion capitals

Up-and-coming fashion capitals

Paris, New York, London and Milan – move over! ZEDIT discovers where all the fashionistas should be flocking to for that international shopping spree. 


Tokyo, Japan

The capital city of Japan has always made waves in the fashion world, with many designers nodding to the beautiful culture of the country, gaining inspiration from the kimono.  

Tokyo cemented itself on the fashion map primarily due to one precinct that pushes the boundaries of fashion – Harajuku. From gothic look to avant-garde, bold aesthetics – it’s a place where all sub-styles collide.  


Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Dubai designers are having their garments worn by A-list celebrities on red carpets around the world and we can see why – couture pieces are a staple in all collections. 

Not only Dubai Fashion Week, but Arab Fashion Week are both proving why this emirate is a force to be reckoned with, where established and emerging designers alike show off their offerings.  


Berlin, Germany 

If you’re after streetwear that pushes fashion boundaries, look no future than Germany’s capital city. Creatatives draw inspiration from the modern history of the region in their pieces. A lot of luxe labels are specialising in high-end, more couture-likes streetwear garments, which usually hit the runway during Berlin Fashion Week.  

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you pack only a little luggage, as we know your suitcase will be filled to the brim when you return home from your fashion travels! 

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