How to actually relax on holiday

Find it hard to unwind even in the most tranquil of travel destinations around the world?

How to relax on holiday

Find it hard to unwind even in the most tranquil of travel destinations around the world? Us too! We share a few secrets to ensure you return to the busy life you lead feeling rested. 


Plan before you go 

Passport? Tick. Phone charger? Tick. Plane tickets? Tick. It’s best to start the trip off on a cool, calm and collected note before you even get to the airport. Work out exactly what you need so you aren’t left with more stress the destination than you are at home! 


Take a break from technology

With our usual day-to-day activities centred around social media, work emails and everything in between, it’s time to take a technology detox. Remove the Instagram icon from your home screen, put that ‘out of office’ on for the work emails, and embrace your travels Twitter and TikTok-free.


Reflect, reset and restore

Whether you are casually window shopping in a fashion capital or reading a good book on  a remote island, it’s best to stop absolutely everything and sit and breathe daily – be it for five minutes, half an hour, or anything in between. 


Get out there and discover 

Traveling allows you to see and do so many things you wouldn’t normally at home. Immerse yourself in the culture - taste the local cuisine, join a walking tour, or even try a new activity or experience. With so much to do and see, your worries will definitely be left behind. 


You deserve this trip and all the beautiful memories created along the way. Bon voyage from the ZEDIT team! 

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