From exploring ancient relics to relaxing by the crystal blue water’s edge

From exploring ancient relics to relaxing by the crystal blue water’s edge – Bodrum is a must-visit for absolutely everyone. Situated in the south of Turkey, this historic reigon is becoming one of the hot-spot cities to visit while in Turkey – and it’s not hard to see why.


You could easily spend a full day scrolling through Bodrum’s Castle of St Peter and its surrounds. Built by the Knights Templar during the Crusades in the 15-century, the castle is not only stunning, but has many a story to tell within its walls…

Afterwards, hike up to the Bodrum windmills (we promise it’s worth it and not too strenuous). The best time to go is obviously at sunset or sunrise, but any time of the day works to go up, take in the view of the harbour, and reflect on how wonderful you are.


For those who want a little bit of paradise and a place to unwind, Yahsi Beach boasts the whitest of sand and the bluest of water – now this is paradise. Remember to pack your hat, sunscreen, and have a scroll through ZEDIT.


Look no further than Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum when it comes to wondering where to book. The 5-star resort boasts its own beach, an infinity pool, spacious rooms, and delicious dishes inspired by the local cuisine.

Bodrum will nurture your mind, body and spirit – something we all need, want and always deserve!

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