Flower Power fashion in bloom!

Gardens and floral hues are Thrust to the fore through Summer & Fall 23 fashion shows

Flower Power fashion in bloom!

Gardens and floral hues are Thrust to the fore through Summer & Fall 23 fashion shows Parisian women’s wardrobes are seeing fuchsia, purple, green and peacock hues, with some pieces even popping with floral prints.

Summer catwalks came alive with a plethora of colors, and it's clear the fashion world is smitten by the charm of these resplendent tones. One of Zufi’s favourite fashion houses, Dior recently descended on Mumbai – with intricately embroidered garments complete with pops of colour on show.

And now, as they bask in the beauty of the local gardens, Parisian women are embracing this aesthetic.

Purple has always been associated with royalty, confidence, and creativity, and its resurgence on the fashion scene is a nod to the timeless allure it possesses.

Don't forget mesmerizing greens in your attire - from lime to emerald, these shades reflect freshness and vitality. A vibrant green gown adorned with floral embellishments can transport you to a whimsical wonderland, while a chic peacock-colored two-piece can command attention and admiration as you take a stroll within the Luxembourg Gardens.

So, why blend into the background when you can blossom like a vibrant flower in a garden of colour? Like what we witnessed in Mumbai care of Dior, embrace the brightness of fuchsia, purple, green, and peacock shades, and let your fashion choices bloom!

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