It’s a fact – we all love a bit of bling!

Rules for jewels 

It’s a fact – we all love a bit of bling! Yet how do you ensure that necklace doesn’t draw away attention from your attire? What about if you want those earrings to take centre stage? Read on…


Option A: Choose one statement piece 

As the saying goes, less is more. For example, if you opt for a bold necklace or a chunky gold chain, ensure the rest of your jewellery is simple and understated –studded earrings and a delicate bracelet will do the trick. 

This approach carries on to your clothes – you don’t want a bright gown or on-trend top taking the limelight away from your statement piece. 


Option B: Your clothing takes centre stage 

If you have a garment you are absolutely dying to wear, build your jewellery around that – and with this part, the word to keep in mind is ‘minimalist’. Team your pants that pop, chic sweater, or stunning skirt with accessories that take on the ‘barely there’ notion – a thin necklace and small silver band for your finger are perfect.  


However, always remember, these are just our suggestions – we love to give advice – yet more so, we love you as you are. If you want to rock that bejewelled, bright necklace and oversized drop earrings with even bolder attire, we say go for it. 

When you feel happy in what you wear, your wonderful personality and positivity shines far more than any jewellery!

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