Helping your hands

Keep those fingers, palms and wrists feeling wonderful with hand creams because the benefits are worth it.

Helping your hands

Keep those fingers, palms and wrists feeling wonderful with hand creams because the benefits are worth it.  

Anti-ageing qualities 

Like face moisturisers, most hand creams are filled with ingredients containing anti-aging components, which assist in improving our skin’s moisture retention and elasticity. See you later, wrinkles! Remember to lather up not just your palms but the back of your hands, cuticles, wrists and nails. 

Clean and protected

Apply hand cream after soap or hand sanitizer and there you’ll have your extra defence against germs! Hand creams contain antibacterial chemicals that keep pesky pollution from contaminating your skin. Furthermore, opt for a hand cream that contains sunscreen to avoid sun damage. 

Relieves stress 

Even the gentle act of massaging your hands with moisturising lotion can help you relax, all while assisting the skin to absorb the nutrients. In need of a little more luxury? Select a hand cream that has a light fragrance to it, so you will be smelling sweet all day long.

We all moisturise our face and body… but many of us forget about two of the most important features we have. Nurture those hands and practice the self-care and love you deserve. 

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