Ways to wear white makeup

While we all love our everyday soft pink lipstick and cherry red nail polish, it’s time to embrace the latest beauty trend hitting the catwalk – all white everything!

Ways to wear white makeup 

While we all love our everyday soft pink lipstick and cherry red nail polish, it’s time to embrace the latest beauty trend hitting the catwalk – all white everything! 



A little sweep of translucent or shimmery white can assist in making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Add a touch over your usual go-to hue or keep it chic with white all by itself. If you’re a little tired, dab some of the powder under your eyes for a ‘bags begone!’ beauty hack. 



A huge craze in the 1960s, white lipstick has made a resurgence – and we’re all for it. Make a statement with a bold, bright lippy, or if that’s a bit too daring, smack on some off-white, sheer lip gloss. 



We all love a chic cat eye by way of a black liquid eyeliner, however a clean, crisp line of white on top of your lids can make your eyes pop – who wouldn’t want that? For a fantastic contrast, opt for a darker shade of eyeshadow. 



Whether you’re a lover of matte or the glossy look – white works as an alternative to our go-to favourites like burgundy and beige. Due to its growing popularity, white nail polish comes in tonnes of hues – our favourites being pearly white, sheer white, and those with a chrome finish. 


It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, have a little bit of fun, and try this new trend taking the fashion world by storm. Have some fun and push your beauty limits! 


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