Exercise classes everyone will love

Exercise classes everyone will love

While many of us pound the pavement alone, why not mix it up with group fitness training to stay fit?  


Join a soccer team

Sounds intimidating, right? It’s not! More and more beginner and social soccer comps are springing up all over the world – not only for fitness but for fun, too. Whether you love running, or want to stay at the back, the best part about football is that there are no burpees, push ups or squat jumps anywhere to be seen!


Run club

If you want to shave off a few seconds from your fast run, or jog along with casual striders, joining a run club not only provides a social element to your workout, but ups your fitness level, of course. Each run club has different distances and tracks they cover, so have a look through a few close to home to see what one suits your running regime best.



Not for the faint-hearted, boot camps are for those that want to get fast quick. Sometimes held in the great outdoors or others in a gym, this type of group fitness class usually sees a mix of cardio and weights exercises in a circuit format. Get ready to sweat!


Yoga and Pilates

If you aren’t one for strenuous exercise, opt for a yoga or Pilates group class. Both will bring about wonderful benefits to your body, including toning and flexibility. The primary added benefit? Yoga and Pilates have a strong focus on the breathing and calming down the mind. As it’s gentle on the body, absolutely everyone can attend these classes.


Whatever you decide to do, it’s all about enjoying it – why not with likeminded people to? Who knows, you’ll get fit and maybe meet some new friends too!  




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