Why you should start stretching

Why you should start stretching

We hate to admit it, but the ZEDIT team are guilty of not paying a lot of attention to this activity. However, here’s why all women need to get on board with stretching – and we are now too!

Physical benefits

There are a lot. Stretching pre and post workout can help prevent injuries through increasing flexibility and range of motion – keep those shin splints at bay! Stretching also assists in enhancing your blood flow and circulation, and even can speed up your metabolism.

Mental benefits

Stretching can be used as a mindfulness tool. Concentrate on that part of your body you are stretching and of course, your breathing. Put on some calming music or find a quiet space in your home free of distractions and complete the stretches in silence.

How to do it

There is no need for any fancy equipment – work your way from a neck stretch down to rotating your feet – cover all areas for 30 seconds each. Stretching doesn’t have to be just before and after a workout. Research shows taking a break and stretching every so often throughout the day can have the same benefits as if integrated into your fitness regime. Think about it - sitting at a computer all day? That warrants a big stretch!

There are so many ways in life to become centred and help you be the best possible version of yourself… so why not start with a little stretch?

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