How to stick to your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Be it weight loss, muscle gain, or even just starting your exercise journey from scratch – here are some simple ways to make sure you stay on track to hit those 2023 goals!

Be as specific as possible

While ‘my goal is to run faster’ is brilliant – it’s best to go that extra mile (excuse the pun!) and write a much detail as possible surrounding your objective. For example, ‘I want to run 10kms in under an hour by March’. Also, remember to make the goal realistic – set yourself up for success, not failure!

Write your goals down and look at them regularly

Be it taped to the fridge, written in lipstick on your bathroom mirror, or on a post-it note next to your bedroom light switch. This will not only keep your goal in the forefront of your mind, but help you stay motivated.

Make a routine, but mix it up when you need to

It’s best to form a healthy habit around fitness, so try and workout at the same time and place each day – no excuses. When things get a little bit monotonous, partake in a class (be it yoga, HIIT, or a boot camp) or work out with a buddy.

With your success and show of self-love, we guarantee you’ll be inspiring a bunch to follow in your footsteps and achieve their fitness goals, too.

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