Walking vs Running

We are here to debunk the age-old question…

We are here to debunk the age-old question… should you be pounding the pavement or having a stroll better for you? SPOILER ALERT: Both provide benefits!


Be it jogging, sprinting, or somewhere in between, running can burn approximately double the amount of calories walking can. However, those who regularly run are more prone to injuries – think shin splints and joint pain. Due to this, personal trainers recommend running on soft sand or grass, instead of cement or a treadmill all the time.


For those just starting their fitness journey, walking at a brisk pace is all you need to up your endorphin levels – the ‘feel good’ hormone – and start your weight loss journey, if that’s your aim. You are also at lower risk of injury. And the best way to enjoy a walk? Head to the bush or by the beach and get back to nature!

Remember - exercise in every form is fantastic for the mind, body and spirit. So, whatever you choose, just know you are practicing the epitome of self-care.

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