How to make your workout wonderful

How to make your workout wonderful

If you’re tired of turning up to the gym with no enthusiasm, never fear – the ZEDIT team is here to help you get your mojo back…


Exercise with others

Why not switch up your social meet and go for a walk along the beach with family and friends? It’s still easy to have a chat while also helping your waistline, boosting serotonin and all the other health benefits exercise brings.


Buy a new outfit

We guarantee a little online shopping for the latest leggings, tank top and/or runners will provide you with more motivation to head to the gym – you’ll be showing off your new purchases and feel good both inside and out!  


Change it up

If you are feeling unmotivated to get up for that 7am jog along the same local track, you’re in need of a slight tweak to your routine. Switch the time that you exercise, or try out a new fitness regime all together – what about a bootcamp?


Celebrate your success

Write down specific, realistic fitness goals you’d like to achieve, be it weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility – whatever! Then, once you’ve hit you goal, it’s time to celebrate you and all your hard work. Maybe buy that handbag you’ve been eyeing off? You deserve it!


When you feel good on the inside out, you shine – it’s as simple and beautiful as that.

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