HOME decor to boost your mood

Mood boosting home hacks

Mood boosting home hacks

Did you know a few little additions and tweaks to your home can go a long way in improving your happiness?


Indoor plants

Research has shown bringing the outside in can create a calming environment, assist in reducing depression, and even make you have better sleep. Start with purchasing a few small shrubs if you are not the ‘indoor plant type’ and we have an inkling you’ll still see a difference in your mood.    



Incorporating colour into your home can do wonders for your happiness – and there’s one colour that helps the most – yellow! This doesn’t mean you have to paint your walls as bright as the sun, but adding a couple of accessories like a few cushions or a large throw will do the trick.



It’s a no-brainer - having photos around the home of memorable moments with family and friends will make you smile. Alternatively, add pictures of your favourite places around the world you love. Any photo goes if it makes you happy.



Have you ever heard the saying, ‘messy house, messy mind’? Studies have shown the more chaotic your home is, the more you are susceptible to being anxiety prone. Put those clothes back in the cupboard, clean up your work desk, and feel the difference it makes.

All we want is for you to be happy – and with these tips, we know you can even be your better, more joyful self. So, go buy that plant!

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