More and more women around the world are discovering the benefits of not only writing down their goals- but saying them out loud

Practice Positive Affirmations

More and more women around the world are discovering the benefits of not only writing down their goals - but saying them out loud.

What’s it all about?

The process is extremely simple. Think about constructive qualities you would like to have that you may be lacking at present. Maybe you would like to be more confident? Increase your motivation? Anything goes. Now, write these down on a piece of paper, but in a way that puts across you already have these talents. ‘I am motivated’, ‘I am confident‘. The final step is now saying them out loud – repeating them 10 times in a row, twice a day.

Why do it?

Research has shown positive affirmations work kind of like the old aphorism, ‘Fake it ’till you make it’. Repeating these goals can help change your subconscious thoughts, trick your brain into thinking what you’re saying is real, and eventually turn them into reality.

It may take a while to believe it, but just know regardless, you are confident. You are motivated. And better yet – you are loved – regardless of if you say these statements out loud or not.

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